This is me for you


Thank you for dropping in, it is appreciated. You have only been given this link because I do truly fancy you and would definitely like to get to know you better to see if we have a future together. Below I have written about me and if you explore this website you will see what I do for a living although it is part time these days.

My business is fun both for my clients and me.

I have traveled lots but still more to do. I have just booked a months tour to India next March.

I love good food and wine and eat out often with friends. I enjoy all food but in particular Chinese and Indian. I like cooking and I have a few dishes which even my friends say are good.

I hate waste in all its forms and believe that a penny saved is a penny earned. Although I am financially comfortable I wouldn’t say I am rich by any means.

I love to spend time with friends and family. I like cinema and theatre. I’m open to new experiences and will try anything once, especially you. In fact, I would like to try you often!!

I enjoy a good standard of living and thankfully good health. I hate smoking. My home is paid for (no mortgage) and I drive a decent car.

I enjoy most kinds of sport but in particular football and cricket, but these days it is watching rather than playing, although I do run 3.6 miles three times a week.

WARNING: I am the world’s worst dancer and my singing is even worse.

I was married for 31 years from 1981 to 2012, we just grew apart. I have nothing to do with my ex these days, absolutely no contact.

I have two grown-up daughters who have flown the nest. I enjoy their company whenever they can make time in their busy schedules. Last October I became a grandpa for the first time to baby Lydia, who is just wonderful.

I love to laugh, tell jokes and have fun but I’m also very comfortable curling up on the couch for a cuddle. I’m not perfect, but I’m loyal, caring and fun loving. If this is what you’re looking for then we could be a great partnership. I am tactile and will happily hold hands in public.

I’m looking for a fun loving partner to spend some time with, enjoy each other’s company, to go out together either alone or with friends. Or perhaps stay at home enjoying a good meal and a bottle of wine, to watch TV or just relax listening to some music. Someone to share life’s experiences with, both good and bad. To support one another in whatever we do and just see how things develop.

How about taking off to to the coast for a few days, explore the local area and just chill and then a decent meal in the evening?

Every man thinks he is great in the bedroom and I’m no exception, however, I do have GREAT staying power and ladies always cum first and usually often. I am STRICKLY one lady at a time, I will not two time you under any circumstances. I have above average equipment or so I am told, to be honest men never compare such things so it is hard to know, ladies tend to be better judges on this front. However, I believe it is much more important what you do with it than the size. I have been told I have a tongue to die for or words to that effect.

If you reply you MUST tell me your favourite colour, mine is blue. If you don’t I will know you haven’t read this page and that will be a definite minus mark in my book. I took the trouble to write it for you, the very least you can do is read it.

OK, that’s a bit about me, if anything floats your boat then get in touch, I promise I don’t bite, well but perhaps a little nibble when you know me well enough! 🙂

You can reply on the site if you wish, but I would much prefer to talk on the phone, exchanging Emails is such a pain when we can make progress so much quicker on the phone. Call me on 01737-353573. Thank you for your time reading this. Remember you MUST tell me your favourite colour whenever you make contact.